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Variety, type of plant: 50,000 Chandler Plugs, 35,000 Camarosa Plugs, 16,000 Chandler Bareroots
Comment: Can arrange shipping.
Name: Jim Warenda/ Fresh Pik Produce Inc.
Location: Kenly, NC
Phone: (252 ) 205-2783   E-mail:
Date posted: 22-Oct-14

Variety, type of plant: 100,000 Chandler, 10,000 camarosa, 3000 sweet charlie
Name: Jimmy Whitt
Location: Triple J Farms, Hayden, AL
Phone: 205 288-9608   E-mail:
Date posted: 22-Oct-14

Variety, type of plant: 5,000 Camarosa plug plants, 8,000 chandler plug plants
Name: Kenneth Rudd
Location: 4021 Hicone Road, Greensboro, NC 27405
Phone: 336 362-5890   E-mail:
Date posted: 15-Oct-14

Variety, type of plant: 80000 Chandler Plugs, 40,000 Camarosa Plugs, 16000 Chandler Bareroot
Comment: We can arrange shipping
Name: Jim Warenda
Location: Fresh Pik Produce Inc
Phone: ( 252) 205-2783   E-mail:
Date posted: 13-Oct-14